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Class Overview: Damage, Support

When magic first appeared in Olyndale, some races were curious and some were afraid of it. Those who tried to understand it soon became known as Arcanists. Mastering the arcane arts is not easy and can be very dangerous because if the mind is weak and undisciplined, it will often end in insanity or corruption of the soul. But with intense training, a seasoned Arcanist can become the most terrifying threat on the battlefield.


Class Overview: Tank, Damage Dealer

The Knight is a blanced class that combines close combat and defense,contentrating on physical and holy attacks.They are the first line of attack and defense against the forces of evil. 


Class Overview: Support, Damage Dealer

Priests will exhaust all means to defend their faith.
Prayer is their greatest weapon, healing and inspiring their allies in their fight against the forces of darkness.
Years of fighting evil has honed their skills and their holy fervor makes them formidable opponents on the battlefield as well.


Class Overview: Damage Dealer, Support

With the rise of conflicts and advancements in technology, the Engineer has entered the battlefield, accompanied by explosions and noisy machines.
They specialise in building bombs and ingenious traps no to mention an interesting approach to armaments.
They prefer setting up the battlefield and support their alles from a distance instead of going in hand-to-hand.
They also take care of injured teammates.

Ranger icon.png Ranger

Class Overview: Damage Dealer, Evasion

Usually employed as advance scouts, Rangers have a keen eye for the surrounding environment and are quick to grasp the initiative in battle situations. They rely on guerrilla tactics and their powerful bow to eliminate their targets exploiting the element of surprise. Those who manage to flee from the initial encounter with a ranger usually succumb to the poisoned arrows or are hunted down mercilessly.

150x150px Dark Knight

Class Overview: Damage Dealer, Tank

Some brave knights fighting the forces of darkness felt forced to take extreme measures. Excessive training in the dark arts gradually brought them to the limits of their physical and mental capabilities. Dark Knights make no difference between heretics, dark artists or demons from other worlds, hunting down them all down and bringing each to justice.